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Off to bed 'sweet buds' tonight we see Roscius the Actor.

A husband come home from the war.  He has been away for six long  years.  As a gift, as a way to make peace, he offers to take her to the theater.  What thoughts are going through their heads?  Was he faithful?  Is she a little too interested in the lead actor of the play that they intend to see that night?  What are they thinking?  Does separation make the heart grow fonder in Ancient Rome?

Another audio play from the mind of Rob Cain.

I am now laying down tracks for the next episode of Ancient Rome Refocused.  Episode 11 will feature a play within a play about a couple on their way to the theater to see the actor Roscius.   His full name was Quintus Roscius Gallus.  He was a great comedian and though born a slave was risen up to a noble class by the dictator Sulla.  This is pretty good in a age that was not known for social mobility.

By all accounts, everyone had something good to say about him, and he accounted himself well on and off the stage.   Cattulus wrote a poem about him.  He died a wealthy man and the best comparison I can come up with is that he was the Gary Grant of his day.  Substitute George Clooney if you are not up on your actors from the 40s and 50s.   Are we tracking?


The title of this podcast is:  “Who is James A. Bretney?”

The episode will contain another dramatic narration with my wife in the part of the rich Roman wife dreaming of the great Roscius.

James A. Bretney

I shall do an interview with James A. Bretney who has worked on a TV proposal on the Roman Governor Creticus.  James is an actor, writer and director honing his craft…and as far as I’m concerned one of the bravest people I know.   Many of his friends (working actors) have agreed to be interviewed.

There will be also comments by Professor Art Lynch who is an organizer for the Screen’s Actors Guild.    Catch his appeal to a theater filled with the greats, asking them to join SAG.  I heard Homer cried, and Andronicus copied down what he said on the stage.

Professor Art Lynch

Plautus and Terrence tried to sign him up for their acting companies but Mr. Lynch was too fond of being a ‘free man’ and who can blame him.

This episode will also feature the music of Danny Cudd and Markus Johansson from the group called Hang Massive.  The tune Once Again will be featured in the episode as by an agreement with this podcast.

Enter the world of Hollywood via 51 b.c.

What did Seneca say?

“What is then is now.”

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