Thank you letter.

It’s been a long time since the last post of a podcast for Ancient Rome Refocused.  I want to thank those of you that have stuck with the show, even though its been a longer than normal hiatus.  Circumstances have kept me from it, but it does not mean I have not been working on the show.  This next episode I started three times, and three times started over.  I felt it important to try to get it right.  Much of what I do in putting together a podcast is research, writing, and trying to place my imagination in two spots: then and now.   Even when you write a script and you think you have it…upon listening to one’s recording you realize that sometimes you should or NEED to compose on the spot.  Going off script and laying out your ideas in short recorded sentences that lead to other short recorded sentences.  Anyway, the next episode is slowly coming together and I ask that you wait just a bit longer.

I have been doing other things.   For one I have prepared a TV script of a sort.  It is called The Time Cafe.  No, I am not pitching it.  I am simply going to post it.  It was an experiment of a sort, based on an old TV show called MEETING OF MINDS.   What if you could get great historical characters in the same room?  What would they say to each other?  I hope you will consider it fun, and I hope it will spark a conversation.  Hopefully, on the historical aspects that are brought up and not on if I got the technique right.

I have also been working a an ebook.  It will be posted on Amazon.  This is a story from the view from the basic foot soldier of the XIV Legion that got their butts kicked under the Legate Sabinius.

Part of the fun of working on all these projects is the research.  I have been heavily into the book: Legionary, The Roman Soldier’s Unofficial Manual.  Written by Phllip Matyszak it is a humorous  book, written like military field manual mixed in with humorous references.  This book not only gives budding writers of the genre a place to figure out what life in the legion was like, but is an excellent reference.   I don’t know about you, but I write in books.  I make notes.  I scribble in the margins.

Future Podcasts.

I have been busy.  I intend to get out new podcasts a bit faster in the future.  I am going to do this because I have gathered some very interesting interviews with people and I want you to know about them.

James A. Bretney (director, writer) Historical Reference: The Roman Governor Creticus.   The podcast focuses in on the acting profession.

Jordan Harbour (Podcaster from Twilight Histories):  All times, all ages, with no restrictions on physics and the time stream.

Arthur Phillips (Author of an outstanding novel on Ancient Egypt with an archaeologist who must be discovered and dug up as equally as the artifacts he seeks.)

James Erwin (Script writer)  U.S. Marines in Rome.  Need I say more?

Keep with me.  The next podcast is coming soon.

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