The play’s the thing

"I know. It's been six long years and not a letter. Are you glad to see me?"

He has been away for six long years.  She has dutifully waited for him to return.  His tunic is in rags, and he strips in the atrium and is immediately sent to the baths.  She is suspicious of him. He is suspicious of her.  Tonight they shall go to the theater to see a play.  Can the arts bring them together?  Here is another drama narrative from the mind of Rob Cain.  They are off to see a play with the great actor Roscius in performance.

In Episode 11 titled, “Who is James A. Bretney?” this drama narrative features the acting talents of Rob and Nancy Cain appearing together in performance for the first time.

The podcast includes an interview with James A. Bretney who filmed a movie proposal on the Roman governor Creticus.

The podcast is on itunes or hipcast.

The sound track for the opening drama narrative is brought to you by the musical group HANG MASSIVE, playing their hit, ONCE AGAIN on hang drums.

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