Episode 11 (Season 2) Ancient Rome Refocused

Title — "Who is James A. Bretney?"

James A. Bretney, film director has put together a TV pilot about the Roman Governor Creticus ("The Man of Chalk.") How far is the Hollywood of the now, different from acting in the ancient world? This episode has interviews with actors: Michael Kripchak, Greyson Lewis and Michelle Stratton. There is an interview with Cody Garcia, film editor and philosopher. Mr. Cain interviews James A. Bretney (veteran) on his journey from war to the world of his imagination. Find out how to make a TV pilot. Universal Empire: The Story of Creticus can be found on FaceBook.

Included in this episode is Professor Art Lynch discussing the movie business, the art of the ancient stage, and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). A comparison is made between Rocius the actor, Archibald A. Leech (Cary Grant), and James A. Bretney.

In this episode Rob and Nancy Cain perform a dramatic narrative of a Roman couple going to the theater to see the great Roman actor Quintus Roscius Gallus. The soldier has been away for six long years and doubts his wife's fidelity. She doubts his fidelity as well. Can a night at the theater change everything? Has the years changed him? Can she put aside her love for the great Quintus Roscius Gallus?

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  • Karl · February 12, 2013 · 11:20 pm

    Loved this episode. I cant help but wonder if we (Humans) really did think the same ways in Ancient Rome, as we do now, and as an extension if we were just as confused Then.

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