Scribe of the Xth

Chapter II

My name is Caesar.

I am of a noble house.

I am a direct descendent of Venus.

Pompey has fled to Alexandria.  May the gods shit on all relatives!

I come back to Rome and he defied me.   You would think that my brother- in- law, who married my sweetest daughter Julia, would be waiting for me with an army to support me rather than challenge my rights.  What’s more I would expect some support in the Senate.  May he be strapped to a rock and have his entrails eaten.  Julia the sweetest, Julia of the sunlit smile, was everything to me, and she dies in childbirth.  Her legs were stained with blood, and that old man can’t even keep his loyalty to me.

“Marius,” I told my clerk.  “Find Julia’s dowry and have it returned.”

I blamed the shits in the Senate.  They think me too powerful, and they build walls between two men that should have had an unbreakable bond.

The civil war is not my fault.  I crossed the Rubicon to establish my rights, and now I sit in an empty Rome.  The senators fled and took the gold.  They can’t even fight me in Italy.

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