Scribe of the Xth

Chapter III

My name is Sanguine.

My squad name is Scribe.

For the rest of this account I shall call me what I was dubbed by my fellow soldiers.  Each soldier is given a name that best bears his personality.  I was the one who could write, the only one who could write…and thus my squad name was Scribe.  Sometimes they called me ‘Blood-scribe’ for sometimes my writings tell of misfortune.  However, for you who reads this account…Scribe is what I prefer to be known.  My mates call me Scribe.  I am Scribe to all.  I am Scribe to you.  There are many names we are called in life.  Now I am Scribe.

This is an account of our voyage.

The centurions packed us into the ships.  We were to set sail for Egypt

“They won’t be happy to see us,” I said.

“What country ever is?” the Sub-Centurion Valens said to the men.  “You march into their country, eat their food and fut their women.  We are not hospitable guests.”

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