Scribe of the Xth

Chapter 1

My name is Sanquine.

I am a shield carrier for the 10th Legion.  I am the unofficial scribe.

Where did a bastard of the surbura learn his letters?    My mother paid for them by giving herself to the tutor Paladoris, allowing her to ‘pay’ for her lessons by a wood splinter in her ass as the Greek ploughed her up against any door available.  How do I know?  I peeked one day.

She told me to “never mind it.”    She said it was her way of “giving it to the Greeks” and she said she would give it again and again for my benefit and mine alone.

My mother was a practical person.

How did I get the name of ‘blood?’  Sanquine is an odd name, you say?

It is.

She said it was that color that marked me.  I was covered in it after birth.  She said it made me holy, and she was determined from the day I popped out that I should be able to write.  A priest of Isis said I was special.  Even a Jupiter priest called me special.  Both saw me use my fat thumb to scrawl something upon the bed linen.


I wrote the word with my fat thumb in the blood that was provided as ink.


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