Episode 13 (Season 3) Ancient Rome Refocused

Rob Cain interviews the screenwriter James Erwin who wrote a story on the popular website REDIT and it was purchased by a movie company. In addition, Rob interviews Gunny Sergeant “Red” Millis who provides insight into the capabilities of a Marine Expeditionary Unit. Both screen writer and Marine answer the question, “Can a MEU beat the Rome Empire?”

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  • Damian Z · December 5, 2013 · 8:09 am

    Another absolutely phenomenal episode. I was listening at whatever the audio equivalent of “the edge of my seat” is. I think this is a fantastic premise and I’d love to see how two soldiers two millennia apart would interact and how they would talk/bond over similar experiences. I have always wanted to stand and watch the introduction of the intercisa type helmets too the new troops, and how it would mirror the introduction of new assault rifles into modern armies.

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