What would you hear?

doctorwhopompeii_2727005bOh, how I wish I could walk down a street in Ancient Rome.  That my Latin was street worthy, and I could overhear conversations and ask questions of those living their lives.  “Do you know the best place for wine?” I would ask.  “Could you direct me to the nearest philosopher?”  There was a blog called ‘Overheard in New York’ by Michael Malice and S. Morgan Friedman, that documents snippets of conversations by pedestrians in New York City.

What conversations in Rome do you …imagine that you would hear?  Anyone?  Anyone?    I seem to remember one post (hope I got this right)  in the humor blog ‘Overheard in New York’ that seems relevant.

Overheard conversation:

One street tough to another: “What ya readin?”

Answer:  “Plato.”

Make up your own overheard Ancient Roman conversation (2 or three lines) and post here!


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