Adventure for any time period

It’s not Greece or Rome that this delightful graphic novel takes place in, but the Ottomon Empire (? -pretty sure).  It’s so well told that you won’t care.  It has all the facets of good story telling:  reluctant hero, a dashing female character, evil baddies that won’t stop chasing the heroes.  The story:  a Turkish Lieutenant meets an woman adventurer named Delilah Dirk. She manages to always get into trouble (on a constant basis) and though he starts out her jailor he eventually winds up as her companion as they flee from assorted dangers. She is a fantastic sword fighter, a thief and always one step away from death. If you like madcap adventure, Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant is worth your time. If I was to pick an actor for the role of the Turkish Lieutenant it would be Brad Pitt.  For the role of Delilah Dirk?  The Chicago Actress Lorrisa Julianus – trust me.


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