Nothing new under the sun

Rome invaded by the BarbariansThe more I read about the past, the more I feel a creepy feeling go up my spine about the present.  A recent article titled:  Paid not to kill in D.C. accounts the efforts of activists supporting a program where offenders are paid up to a $1000 a month not to commit another gun crime.   Why am I reminded of Ancient Rome where barbarians were ‘paid off’ to go away.  This may seem like a good idea,  and for a while it may work, but it will inevitably fail.  Those receiving money for not to ‘burn and pillage’ always come back for more.  Please google Alaric.

Why is it we NEVER learn?

It didn’t work with the Vikings — different time period, but still relevant.

Why after all is said and done, this ‘progressive’ program seems like a state-financed protection racket?

Because…it is.

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