Why I like M. Night Shyamalan

Lady1I want a bit of the unexplainable in my life.  I want mythos and story to enter my world.  Don’t get me wrong, I love science, but at one time everything was mythos for it was the only way to understand the world.

I know that people have been dissing M. Night Shyamalan, but I have to admit…I really like his movies.  He tells a tale that makes myth out of things one might not even consider.   One movie called Lady in the Water struck a childhood memory within me.  Have any of us…now think really hard…made up stories about the pool you visited, about the drain below…thinking as if it just might lead to another world.  Think about it…a child does not swim in a pool, but swims in an ocean, THINK REALLY HARD…you know that thought crossed your mind when you your no bigger than your mama’s knee as you held on tight to that Float Toy in that pool.  It was NOT a Float Toy,  you know that, it was a ship.  I have a strong memory, of holding onto a floating swim board and imagining ocean waves coming across the bow of my tiny ‘ship.’  I remember a man watching me, his fat belly, his unseeing eyes ‘eyeing’ me with contempt.  This is what he said to me before turning away, “…are you insane, boy?”

The world of imagination was lost to him.  He had moved on, and there was no room in his world for even a boy (which I was at the time) to dream.

That is why I love this clip from Roman Holiday.   Watch.

Tell me…weren’t you just, just for a moment swept away by a single thought that THE MOUTH OF TRUTH, actually, and truly, bit his hand off?

And if it was true, what a wonderful world that would be!

I come back to this clip every few years.  It always makes me jump.  I want the world to be made of myths.  That is why I READ, that is why I WRITE, my own attempts of novelizations of dream-like worlds in that ancient world.

That is why I like  M. Night Shyamalan’s movies, and I always will.  This director is not of this epoch.  The ancients would have loved him, and though he might not be Homer…he is Shyamalan.  His tales make me jump in the present, and would have made me jump in those ancient times…by the campfire, as the ARGO was moored and waiting…to sweep out into the deep blue sea, under that ancient moon.

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