Name that Classical Connection (10)


It’s been a long time since we played NAME THAT CLASSICAL CONNECTION.    This is number 10 in the series.

I ran across this cartoon in a national magazine.  The Bull has the following on his button: “Ask me about mazes.”  This is a two part question.

What is the Greek Myth?

What U.S. national magazine do you think that the readers may actually know the joke?  Do you think the readership of the National Enquirer would get it?  Those in other countries, what publication in your country would you think that this cartoon would have the highest recognition?  

Am I being elitist?  Discuss.


  • Betty Steckman · November 5, 2016 · 9:21 pm

    Obviously, it’s the Minotaur, dressed for success. Readers of the Smithsonian Magazine might well know the myth; maybe National Geographic. Maybe Discover Magazine. Maybe AARP magazine. Maybe Mental Floss. Yes, you’re probably being a bit elitist. There are smart and well-educated people everywhere, doing astronomy and knitting and drawing cartoons and painting and playing the cello. Who knows what they may be reading?

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