The Ancient Library of Alexandria

What history conceals, fiction reveals.


This blog site will present five pieces of fiction on this ancient marvel.  The first author is Alex Gough of southwest England who has kindly consented to produce a piece of original fiction.

The title of his work:  The Cure.

What secrets were whispered and what lives  spent in the pursuit of knowledge inside the walls of an ancient testament to man’s enquiring mind?

The Ancient Library of Alexandria is certainly one of the most popular subjects when it comes to the ancient world.  This databank of the ancient world, scrolls on every subject were catalogued and made available for research.   In that time, knowledge traveled by sea.  Ships carrying books sailing into port had them confiscated, copied and returned.  Dedicated to the Muses, the nine goddesses of the arts, this center of research flourished under the Ptolemaic dynasty until a fire that wiped out the contents.    What secrets were lost?

In two weeks, join us here for a tale of another world…you may smell burning paper in the air.

Ancient Rome Refocused is accepting fiction, 2000 words or less, about a protagonist’s life affected by the burning of the Library. Contact Rob Cain at

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