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pompeiiSometimes it reads like a travelogue.  I don’t care.  It’s one of my favorite books AND IT HAS TIME TRAVEL (mix time travel and Ancient Rome and you got me.)  To be honest it takes more than that:  great writing, a good story, and a great analysis between ‘then’ and ‘now’ – add a love story and I’m yours.  I’ve read it twice.  Is that recommendation enough?

The main character is named Miranda.  The name itself has meaning.   It is derived from the Latin, Mirandous, meaning admirable, wonderful.  Ms. East’s protagonist fits the bill.  She is a great time traveler, knowledgable, flexible and can read people in what to her is a familar (because she studied them) but still ‘alien’ world.  I have always wondered what would happen if ‘modern man’ was thrust back to that time how he would survive.  The number of cooks, bakers and candlestick makers have depleted in the modern world.  Miranda survives because she is a storyteller.  Imagine what the Romans would have thought of Shakespeare, Dickens, and Hans Christian Andersen?

I have no doubt I will read this story again.