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Book Review

Just finished reading: What It Is Like To Go to War by Karl Marlantes.

He is a Vietnam Combat Veteran,  and Marine that not only explores the details of war, but the ritual, religion and literature that prepares the ‘warrior’ to go to war.   It is a book of ‘self-examination’ diving into Homer, Mahabharata to Jung.   The book is hard to put down.  It is a clear headed analysis of the ‘horror’ of war and he pulls no punches.  He is not an apologist for his time in Vietnam.  However; he is very clear how his opinions changed over the years, and gives examples why they changed.

He is a very strong advocate on preparing the Soldier with psychological and spiritual means for what he describes as their ‘journey.’

He met Joseph Campbell in a bar and had a discussion of his time in Vietnam.

Oh, how I wish I was there buying the drinks.