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Welcome to the Ancient World

roman-art-cool-reliefWelcome to Ancient Rome Refocused.  

This blog is devoted to the open and free discussion of Ancient Rome.   Most entries will be based on podcasts that will be available on itunes.   I have just completed my first podcast, and my time frame to post it on itunes will be in January 2010.  Those of you that don’t subscribe, I will place a partial transcript on this site for your comments.     On occasion, I will post a commentary or an observation not related to any podcast.    

Remember, I am not an expert, but a fan of that era.  I believe there are many more fans out there as well.   Feel free to comment on the posts that I make.  If there is something you disagree with…I want to hear about it.  If there is something we have not considered…let’s hear about that as well.  I am willing to listen to your ideas, but please respect those who participate on this site.  As I said in the ‘house rules’ Attack ideas not people.  

If you have any questions about this site, or any suggestion on future blog entries or future podcast subjects email me at    

I hope you enjoy my observations and flights of the imagination.  I may not always be right, but I will promise you that my intent is to educate while at the same time entertain. 

I can promise you that I will always respect the facts. 

Join me for the journey.