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v3_08_09112014_jh_11794 OK, I admit it. I am a total Vikings fan. “NO, I AM NOT TALKING FOOTBALL!” I am have been swept up by History Channel’s Vikings. I am a  Roman History geek, and Vikings is the closest thing I’m going to get to out and out pillaging, and razing towns on a mass scale. The latest episode has our Hero Ragnar Lodbrok attacking the city of Paris with his Viking host. What is amazing about the show is how the camera sweeps in to highlight characters, and this episode gives you some outstanding ‘breaching the walls’ and ‘burning of scaling ladders.’   I have to say if anything, this show should give you an appreciation of what it means to be an actor in such a production. Not only is it to your advantage to be ‘buff’ (of course I am referring to Rollo), but to be versed on sword play, and KNOW how to fall. To be ‘fit’ is important , expecially when you have to hang high in the air, battle French soldiers, and fall 20 feet to the water below. Acting is a tough business, but I have to say I admire the actors that are closer to my own physique that still climbed the ladder – what a guy will do to be on television.

I have a friend named Art Lynch that if you dressed him in skins and handed him an ax – pure Viking marauder.

Heck, with science fiction or fantasy…history is where it’s at. In the scene where Ragnar is on the wall and looks for a moment at Paris while grabbling with the wall defenders, you see a city from another time. It is lush, oddly attractive, and obviously wealthy…especially seen from the eyes of a Viking who knows only mountains and small villages. And don’t tell me that Rollo when he gazes upon the French Princess he does not see the face of Siggy (who died in a frozen lake). What man would not love a woman that will throw ice water on you when your sleeping off a bender and come to see you while your awaiting execution by your brother Ragnar for fighting in alliance with the dreaded Jarl Borg. Let’s hear it, “Hisss, Booo…” Family. We do forgive brothers and sisters for all types of transgressions.  

I think the most terrifying thing about the episode was ‘the bolt.’ An assembly mounted on a stock, seems to be a miniaturized version of the Roman Scorpio or Scorpion. It was larger, and (just found this out) went by another name of trigger fish. The episode shows the devastation of this instrument of war, where Vikings face a continuous barrage from the defenders on the wall. It is not till later in the episode that Lagertha (Ragnar’s ex wife) faces a medieval version of a scorpion which must have terrified enemies facing a legion.  There is nothing sexier than a shield maiden.

OK, I am MGM deprived. I am starving from few showings of lavish productions of ancient/medieval battles. They don’t make that stuff much anymore. I will take it wherever I can get it.   The heck with Game of Thrones (don’t tell anyone I said that…I LOVE THAT SHOW!), there is a wealth of drama on the page of ancient history. It’s all in the telling.  

Does anyone want to see a TV show about the taking of Carthage?

Carthage Must Die.

Coming in November on The History Channel.

It would be nice.

A guy can dream can’t he?