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Clothes make the man

I found a website with photographs of classical subjects in modern clothes.  Go to for more examples.

Humans don’t change much in appearance, except for the attire of the age.  I believe this to be Hercules (anyone got a better guess?).  I based it on the beard, the club, and the pelt with the sad leaning stance which matches other Hercules sculptures.  If I am wrong, someone please comment. What I find fascinating is that I think I saw the person in the photo at Starbucks the other day.   This makes me return to my believe there is not that much difference between the Ancients and ourselves.  Place than in blue jeans and shirt, and Hercules and even Plato would pass amongst us with very little comment.  What’s more it brings forth other observations.  There are modern day philosophers, and heroes right now starring in their own Iliad.   And save for the fact they are not being cast in marble would very much be the man that we see in the photo below.  I could have very well been standing in that Starbuck line with a modern day philosopher, or a hero equal to a Hector or an Ajax that is in want of a Homer to bring their story to light.