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Pines of the Appian Way

180px-Via_appiaThis musical piece Pines of the Appian Way was recommended to me by a friend of mine named Dan Merriman.  I am not a musician, but Dan knew my interest in Ancient Rome and thought this might interest me.  Dan in his spare time is a member of a local orchestra and plays one ‘mean’ trombone, and on the subject of music (and assorted other subjects) is very knowledgable.  He was kind enough to recommend the piece to me, after hearing me rambling on about my blog site. 

Music has the power to transport the listener, and though I am still working on that time machine…I have relied on such soundtracks as the music of Ben Hur and Cleopatra to fill in my imagination, and put my head in the right place to think about the past.  The piece, Pines of the Appian Way was written by the Italian composer Ottorino Respighi.   He is known for his orchestral Roman trilogy: Fontane di Roma, Pini di Roma, and Feste Romane

Tell me upon listening to this that you can not visualize a Roman legion marching along the Appian Way.   Tell me you can’t taste the  morning air, and see the intense green of the pine trees as the sun rises in the distance.  There is a slow pace at the beginning, sort of like a legion tramping along in the early morning surrounded by dense forest.  As it reaches the end of its journey the sound of trumpets herald a moment of coming home. 

I have experience this just a couple of times in my life, marching through a forest with a platoon and finally seeing the front gate of the fort where I knew it was time to rest. 

I have found a concert by Herbert Von Karajan on YOU TUBE.  

If there is a piece of music that transports you to another time and place, please share it with us here on the blog.  

What music sends you to the early beginnings of empire, or to some ancient civilization? 

Pines of the Appian Way was something totally new for me.  Thanks Dan!

Either watch it here, or go to the link provided and see more.